Adventure Golf
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About the Course

Adventure Golf is a mix between mini golf and long golf, played on artificial grass with a putter and a ball. Our spectacular and exciting 18 holes of mini golf take about an hour to an hour and a half to play. The course is suitable for those who have never held a golf club, but also challenging enough for those who play full size courses. Putters and golf balls are included in the price, but if you have your own favorite putter – bring it with you. This is the perfect place to practice your putting technique! We recommend no more than 4 players per team and players should be over the age of 4. We have three different club sizes to choose from. One of the best outdoor activities.


1 Round Minigolf €12
1 Round Minigolf + Food €20
1 Round Minigolf + Cocktail €20
1 Round Minigolf + Food + Cocktail €27
1 Junior round Minigolf (under 10 years) €9
1 Junior round Minigolf + Food €17
10 Games special bono €100

Adventure Golf

Carefully designed and nestled amongst palm trees, bushes, waterfalls, rivers and rocks. Our spectacular course is sure to add a spark to all kinds of outings, it is undoubtedly one of the top activities in Alicante. Beginner or professional, on a date or out with your colleagues or extended family, bring everyone for a fun-filled day in an unparalleled setting!